Brave Your Day Vol 1

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Brave Your Day Vol 1


Brave Your Day magazine is an independently-run publication, spotlighting everyday bravery storytelling in uncertain times from Scotland to New York.

People who share a personal story about braving their day, can help us all to visualise their human fears, guts and subsequent resilience. And just like a contagion, they pass it on.

We are all willing to take more risks to discover and experiment with braving out our own days, our way.

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Charley and Colin Gavigan, are the wife and husband leaders behind this new indie print magazine.

'Brave Your Day' is their fast-growing social enterprise with a global reach, focused on bravery-building programs in person, online and now in print.

They believe acknowledging individual and collective bravery and courage is needed more than ever in these uncertain times.

Their aim for a bravery print magazine is to revive and support themselves and others with bravery storytelling as a positive contagion .