Hotdog Issue 3

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Hotdog Issue 3

Issue three brings you unprocessed, perennial poetry. Hotdog is like water: healing, nourishing, necessary.

Yessica Klein, t pomar, Theodora Hawlin, Susannah Dickey, Shagufta K, Serena Braida, Sarah Marina, Ruth Sutoyé, Molly Rowan, Marianne Tatepo, Marta Parszeniew, Mai Ivfjäll, Lotte Lewis, Lauren Mason, Kate Schneider, jasper avery, Ila Colley, Helen Charman, Harakirina, Hailu Ren, Francesca Kritikos, Denise Benavides, Belinda Zhawi, Barbora Mrazkova, Anjali Barot, Alaa Lafta

With poetic interference by:
Philomena Epps, Octavia Bright, Nadia Jones, Laura Corns

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Hotdog is a poetry magazine. We challenge the gender discrepancy in literature, art and publishing by publishing work by all womxn. We don’t accept the generalisation that poetry is ‘unapproachable’. Our contributors push the boundaries, bringing truth, pain and laughter to the page.

Blurring the space between creativity and consumption, hotdog asks readers to rethink how they view contemporary literature. We refuse to abide by the hierarchical systems of ‘high brow / low brow’ culture.

Created by Megan Conery and Molly Taylor