Kyoto Journal 93

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Kyoto Journal 93

Issue 93: Food

It sustains us. It inspires us. It enslaves us…KJ delves into the vibrant culinary cultures of Asia, all the while discovering what food really means to us.

128pp, printed in Kyoto, Japan

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Founded in 1987, Kyoto Journal (KJ) is an award-winning, volunteer-driven quarterly presenting thought-provoking cultural and historical insights from Kyoto, Japan and all of Asia.

KJ’s interdisciplinary approach, high standards of journalism and stunning design have brought us several international independent press awards, including the Utne Reader and Pushcart Prize as well as recognition from the Japanese government's Cultural Affairs Agency. 

A journal is an ongoing means of looking afresh at the inhabited world, both social and natural. In selecting material for Kyoto Journal we look for intelligent work that comes from the heart. We are curious about society, beliefs, traditions and new developments — how people live, and live well — through the lens of Asian experience.

At the same time, our name, “Kyoto Journal,” also reflects more than a physical location. Kyoto is a place of deep spiritual and cultural heritage, and has been the measure of such things here in Japan for more than a millennium. Kyoto culture has looked deeply inwards and has also drawn richly from outside, especially since the Meiji modernization. 

Essentially, Kyoto Journal is a community that transcends place, while respecting and celebrating regional and local identity.

Instagram and Twitter: @kyotojournal