The Idler 61

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The Idler 61

Idler 61, July/August 2018

In this issue, we meet filmmaker Adam Curtis. From the Century of the Self to Hypernormalisation, Curtis has constantly uncovered fascinating stories around the movements of power in the 20th century. He is constantly questioning and constantly counter-intuitive, and refuses to to the party line. He also reveals the secrets of his research techniques: “I read books.”


We also meet author Michael Pollan, the mushroom man, to chat about psychedelic drugs and their therapeutic potential.


Elsewhere we feature novelist Ali Smith, Joe Mellen on the joys of cricket - an idle pastime if ever there was one - plus the usual columns on beer, books, gin, sheds, fashion and more.

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Inspired by the great Dr Johnson, who was both very brilliant and very lazy, I launched the Idler magazine back in 1993. I wanted to celebrate the art of doing nothing and to remind people of the importance of contemplation, creativity and loa ng about. Too many of us toil for no purpose.


Both inspiring and useful, the Idler is a magazine for the free spirits of the world. It appears six times a year and offers a bumper 156–180 pages of articles and interviews. You’ll nd much to laugh at and much to help you in the search for the good life.


Regulars include our books roundup, “Idle Home” feature, Modern Toss cartoons, Tim Richardson’s art âneur column, pieces on idle travel, beer, beekeeping and astronomy, and “How I Live”, inspiring stories from people who have quit the nine to ve to pursue what they really want to do. Contributors include Michael Palin, Sally Phillips, Tim Lott, Mark Vernon, Virginia Ironside, Rowley Leigh and Murray Lachlan Young.              


The Idler is a cheering read and is beautifully art directed by illustrator Alice Smith. So study the art of good living, and join the growing and merry club of Idler readers.                                               


Tom Hodgkinson, Editor